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Photos from recent events are available for purchase online.

Holt area local residents - please note:
If you are in the area, you can pick up your photos directly from me, or we can arrange to meet at an event I am shooting. Please only pay shipping if you want your photos mailed to you.

Note 2:
Orders placed online must be paid online by credit card or by sending a check to my online service provider, based in Colorado. If you want to pay me directly by cash or check, please do not place your order online. E-mail me with the event name, sub-event (quarter1, etc) and picture number(s). I will confirm with you and we will make payment arrangements.

About your photos
The photos you will see online have had very little done with them. Your prints will be color-balanced, sharpened, contrast-balanced, corrected and cropped to produce a high-quality print suitable for framing.

Unfortunately, due to limitations like lighting, speed of movement and view angle, not all action photos can be enlarged effectively. We make every effort to capture the best possible image, allowing for the best possible finished product.

If you order electronic image files, your files will be post-processed, just like print images. the files will be made available for download via a custom web address. I will e-mail you once the image files are ready for download. the image files will remain available for at least one week after I send the e-mail. The files will be high-resolution .jpg files and unlike prints, will not be cropped, so you have complete control over them.

Original image

Enhanced and cropped image

Original image

Enhanced and cropped image